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Tips on what to wear to a photo session

The hardest part of a photo session is the outfit. I've recently done sessions for myself and I've found it IMPOSSIBLE to stick to what I originally thought I would like, so here are my tips and some recent examples of what to wear to a session with me!

1. Jeans and your favorite top.

You cannot go wrong with jeans and your fav top combo! I always recommend a casual outfit to create a safe space within your session. Photo sessions can be uncomfortable for some, so staying comfy is a top priority!

Tops can range from tanks, worn in tees, blouses, sweaters, hoodies, you name it!

Pair with your partner in their fav casual fit!

2. Flowy dress.

Flowy dresses are fun to use to your advantage in the wind. I love capturing movement, and the best way to do that is to keep moving! Many wedding dresses have that ballgown look and feel that include a train, so why not incorporate that into your session?

Kelsey wanted to use her bridal shower dress at her session, and I said heck yes!! Pair your partner in classy or a dressy casual (nice shirt and dark wash jeans).

3. Overalls or jumpsuit.

Here me out... I love overalls. Overalls and jumpsuits are simple because they're literally your whole outfit! You don't have to worry about the rise of your pants or where your top falls, cropped or not. One single piece can make you look taller and make your limbs look longer depending on where your pants hit your ankles!

I paired my overalls with a patterned turtleneck, ankle booties, and a corduroy jacket!

4. Pantsuit or statement piece.

I freaking love this look and it is totally growing on me. I attended a content day in Lincoln, NE and this was one of our couples! A pantsuit is totally fit for the urban setting and can be worn by both of your subjects! Pair your suit with heels and strut your stuff, girlfriend. This classy outfit is bound to turn heads and gain double takes.

Don't do it for them, do it for you, boss woman (and man).


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