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20 Must-have wedding photos

s + t wedding portrait

I hear from couples all the time that they wish they knew where to start with a ‘must-have photo list.’ Let’s be honest, it’s more than likely your first time planning a wedding, and you don’t know where to start.

Documentary and photojournalistic style is becoming more popular as the years go on, because they tell a story of your wedding day that feels more cinematic, or like stills from a movie. Blurry photos, composition, and coloring all play a huge part in telling the story of your wedding day. 

Some photographers have done away with photo lists and just sticking to a timeline to photograph your wedding, which I agree is the best case scenario. Letting the artist document your day as they see fit, helps get the most authentic version of your wedding day! 

Although your photographer may not take a list from you, or if they do, there are many ways you can get these photos into your day by structuring your timeline around them, or by spending more time with those people on your wedding day. There are obviously some that I won’t mention that are common wedding photos that are true classics, so here is a list of my own 20 must-have wedding photos that I try to get for my couples.

  1. Open vow books

  2. Perspective decor photos   

  3. Using the space to style details (lighting, venue, florals)

  1. Bride final touches 

  2. Groom final touches

  3. With mom or dad

  1. Bride

  2. Groom

  3. Bride & Groom doing an activity

  1. Reserved seating

  2. Giving bride away

  3. Wide angle of ceremony

  4. Celebration after recessional 

Wedding party
  1. Bride’s side loving on bride

  2. Groom’s side hyping up groom

  3. Bride & Groom’s sides together

  1. Entrance 

  2. Friendly faces looking at the bride and groom

  3. Bride and Groom exchanging looks

  4. Bride and Groom in the midst of chaos on the dance floor

I loved pulling these together to truly think about what I focus on when shooting. These are the photos I’m constantly trying to get, outside of the ones you always tend to see on social media, the little moments you might miss since you’re so caught up in your own moment. Documenting a lot of these in between moments you can’t count on because the outcomes are not always the same, so I always recommend trusting your photographer to deliver the most accurate gallery portraying your wedding day! If the little moments are important to you, make sure you see a full gallery from your photographer in order to get a good idea of what bits and pieces they gravitate towards. 

Florals: Moxie, arranged by Sarah

Thanks for reading and I hope you took some notes from this blog post!

xoxo, Photography by Corinne

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