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Fall Ballroom Wedding in Omaha

Diana + Tyler had the most perfect wedding day this past fall at The Fountains Ballroom in Glenwood, IA. I was lucky enough to associate shoot for a fellow Omaha photographer, Alex Marasco, owner of Marasco Photography. I was able to document such a special couple while she was on the trip of a lifetime!

D + T’s wedding was held just outside of Omaha, nestled in the Loess Hills. The Omaha metro and surrounding cities have stunning venues that fit everyone’s niche, including beautiful ballrooms like this one in Glenwood. Vaulted ceilings, chandeliers, and gorgeous interiors mean less decorating while still having such a classy space! 

The details were all black & white, which is a trend I hope never goes away. Their first look was filled with joy and the wedding party brought the hype! The ceremony space was scattered with close family and friends as D + T said their vows. The sunset was stunning, per usual in the midwest, and the lovely bride and groom were able to spend some time alone after their ceremony before their cocktail hour and grand entrance. We wrapped up the night with the traditions – first dance, dinner, toasts, and cake cutting. Before coverage wrapped up, I took Diana and Tyler outside for some flash photos by the fountain out front of their venue.

I love being able to incorporate the venue when considering portraits. Midwest photographers love an open field and sunset, but I know how much effort goes into choosing a venue. When it comes to capturing the magic of your special day, the venue plays a pivotal role in the aesthetic of your wedding photos. The abundance of natural light filtering through large windows or the soft glow of candlelight casting romantic shadows adds depth and dimension to your wedding photos, enhancing their overall attraction. 

A spacious layout with ballroom venues allows your photographer to capture candid moments and group shots with ease, ensuring that every aspect of your celebration is beautifully documented. Ultimately, your choice of venue significantly influences the ambiance and visual narrative of your wedding photos, and opting for a stunning ballroom ensures that your memories are documented with a sense of timeless elegance and love. 

Cheers to Diana + Tyler on a lifetime of happiness and forever love!!

Venue: The Fountains Ballroom, Glenwood, IA

Photography: Associate shot for Marasco Photography

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Photography by Corinne

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