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Valentine's day inspired photo session

Valentine's Day floral backdrop

This year I was inspired to host a Valentine’s Day Mini Session day after seeing my Pinterest feed flooded with cute 'love' themed decor. A lot of the captions said “Galentine’s inspo” or “Valentine’s day decor” and I realized how simple you can get when the holiday is not only romantic, but also surrounded by those you love! I held the mini sessions at a local studio, The Studio Omaha. Erin has such a beautiful space to hold sessions! 

I really wanted to focus hard on my decor with intention. It is really easy to over consume on holidays because your local department store comes out with the most extravagant decor, cheaply made but costs a pretty penny. For my Valentine's Day photos, I wanted something that felt nostalgic. I kept it as low cost as possible for my clients so that the sessions were affordable as well!

Any photographer that hosts mini sessions knows there are lots of underlying closets that can creep up on you. I spent $27 on decor and used things I already had at home. I shopped locally for florals, got a $3 balloon set from Target, used some pens I had intentions on purchasing for my office, found washi tape in my desk, and got a new red lipstick for any of my girlies that wanted to use it for their session! I even sent the lipstick home with the last couple because she loved it so much. I did the same with my florals throughout the day. I think it’s a nice reminder of the day and if you enjoy preserving flowers, it could be a thoughtful piece of decor in your home! 

At the end of the day, I wanted my setup to feel organic, minimal, and very relaxed to mix well with casual to cocktail attire! I loved my mix of couples, and best friend duos, that showed up for my mini session day! The vibes were immaculate, and everyone really made their session original with their outfits and personalities. We created so much magic and had the best day. 🤍


Cassie + Levi
C holding carnations

Julyssa + Krystiana

Shameah + Sophi
S + S holding flowers in front of XOXO balloons

Alondra + Ever

Marigold + Otto

If you're interested in booking a studio session with me, fill out my contact form here!

You can find me on social media below to follow along with all my sessions.

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