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5 tips to elevate your details and flat lay photos at your wedding

Details are hard to visualize if you are just beginning to plan your wedding. I'm sharing some of my favorite tips as a wedding photographer in this post!

1. Pick a color palette that looks good on you and your partner.

Picking your colors for your wedding might be the most difficult decision in the entire planning process! Make sure the colors you pick look good on you and your partner! No one deserves to stick out like a sore thumb on their wedding day! Picture how the color of suit or tux will go with your florals, accent pieces, and bridesmaids dresses!

2. Hire out design for an entire stationery suite if you don't have experience.

Your wedding invites will be in many of your detail photos. Your wedding invites also give your guests an idea of what your wedding will be like! Hiring out this task saves you a lot of time, gives you cohesiveness in your design, and if you don't have the experience it is very very hard. Planning a wedding is already hard enough, so designing invites is something that can be left to the professionals! Don't forget to get a few more printed for your vendors that can use them such as your photographer, videographer, wedding planner, and more!

Invite suites often come with:

  • an envelope to deliver your invite suite in

  • an envelope that secures all the pieces

  • the main invite

  • reception invite

  • accommodations & dinner options if it is plated

  • RSVP card & envelope

  • and a belly band or wrap with a seal (that's the pretty piece that wraps it all together!)

3. Incorporate your florals

Incorporating your florals is an easy way to elevate your detail photos. I like to use shadows, placing the bouquet in the corner of flat lay photos, or place the boutonniere in the flat lay. If your color palette is specific, your details will be too! If your florist is still on scene, or if they leave, ask them for a few extra pieces for your detail photos!

4. Match your jewelry and don't mix metals!

Your jewelry is a huge deal on your wedding day, that's why we photograph it so meticulously. We know how much time is spent organizing, trying on, and developing the perfect stack of necklaces, bracelets, and more. Getting all your jewelry from one store can help you style and balance your look with the help of an associate or stylist.

5. Be prepared for your detail photos with everything in a box!

Nothing is worse than when you're getting your makeup & hair done, vibing with your stylist, and your photographer asks where all of your detail stuff is. Cue the hunt for every little tiny element that should be in a specific spot, but it isn't! Don't forget about the groom's things who isn't even on the same premises as you! You can avoid all of this by putting all of these sentimental pieces in a box for what your photographer arrives. You can use a nice box, a shoe box, an amazon box, a tote, a bag, it really does not matter! As long as you can point to it when I walk in the bridal suite. This box can be packed the night before, or start filling it when you purchase those things so you don’t forget them.

Things to put in your detail box:

  • invite suite

  • rings (his and hers)

  • earrings

  • necklace

  • bracelet

  • shoes (his and hers)

  • tie & cufflinks

  • any accessories for him (watch, pocket square)

  • perfume & cologne

  • any sentimental pieces

  • extra florals or your bouquet nearby

Your detail photos CAN look like this! All of these little things all fall into place with the proper planning and proper materials such as color palettes, invite suites, and jewelry! I'm sharing more of my favorite detail photos from this day because they are too fun not to!

Vendors (website and Instagram handle):


Venue: @magnoliafarms_ia

Design/Rentals: @whitewillowevents

Video: @rpmedia_dsm

Floral: @parrottfloralco

Models: @hannahbeecher + @paulsonpower

Hair/Make-up: @powderstudioia + @makeupbyalexo

Dress: @purebridal

Suit: @skeffingtons_formalwear

Jewelry: @josephsjewelers1871

Dj: @dj.das.ent

Stationary: @somos.studios

Cake: @creme_dsm

Bar Service: @yourprivatebar


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