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what to give your photographer for detail shots

POV: I arrive at your wedding. You're getting ready with your best friends, Mom, and future MIL, and you're snapping pictures with your smartphone to remember little moments of the day. I ask you where your detail things are, and you gasp. Your future hubby has the rings, invites are at home, and your florist isn't here yet with extra greenery.

These moments are absolutely avoidable. Before your wedding day, be sure to have a box full of all the important things you are wearing, handing out, and carrying around all day. Don't worry about getting that special man his watch back because I'll be spending all day with you both, and I'll make sure it gets back to him. This box goes directly into my hands the moment I walk through that door.

This gives me time to capture those little details that guests overlook but you put a lot of thought, money, and interest into. Invites aren't cheap and neither is that $100 bottle of perfume you bought specifically for your wedding day!

Wedding flat lays tell a story, and I want to make sure you have that story forever. Those special pieces have been curated by you, your significant other, and spent countless hours organizing. You also don't have a moment to look at all of these things together, so let me help you out with this one!

Here's what you need in your box:
  • rings and ring box if you have one, otherwise I do!!

  • invites, save the dates, and envelopes (everything that gets sent out to your guests)

  • florals & greenery from your florist, possibly a boutonnière

  • jewelry: earrings, hairpieces, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

  • shoes

  • tie/pocket square

  • vow books, I always recommend these to my couples

  • watch/accessories for the groom

  • perfume/cologne

  • wax seal & the stamp if you used one on your invites

Start compiling this "box" or bag or whatever the heck you want to put it in the day you get these things. If you want pictures of it, put it in the box! There's plenty of stress throughout the day. Make this part the easiest!!



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